NTR biopic is a tribute to my parents -NBK

About the inception of the idea to make NTR biopic, NBK said, “I did not think about NTR biopic until I was at Nimmakuru for Basavatarakam hospital works. I decided on the spot to announce the biopic and had no plans until then.”

He continued to say, “My mother had a great relationship with my father and he used to give her a huge value. I wanted to bring that to the forefront in NTR Mahanayakudu.”

There are reports that he appeared in far too many getups in the movie, he clarified, “I am good in Telugu but that doesn’t mean I will say all the dialogues that my father said in his career. There will be highlights and some scenes even though shot had to be removed.”

Many people thought he would imitate NTR in the film. On Contrary, NBK said he doesn’t have to. “All my life, I saw my father and that made it easy to behave like him on-screen. I don’t imitate him in the film and normally too, don’t imitate him at all,” he concluded by saying so.