No RGV movie with Akhil | Tollywood movie Updates

Nagarjuna Akkineni and Ram Gopal Varma have been friends for 30 years and Nag produced the movie, Shiva, which made RGV the star personality today. With Ram Gopal Verma, confessing his part in making Sri Reddy abuse Pawan Kalyan in front of media, now the release of their latest film, Officer has fallen into jeopardy. Nagarjuna advised RGV to not get into unnecessary controversies but the director couldn’t hold back himself.

Now, the movie that RGV himself announced that he will be directing Akhil next, has been cancelled it seems. Annapurna Studios never confirmed the project nor Akhil announced any collaboration. Even Nag stuck to promoting his film, Officer with RGV and did not say anything about Akhil’s film. A source in the know said, “There have been plans to make Akhil and RGV work together for the young actor to learn from a master. But now, the situation has changed and hence, the project has been cancelled.”

The source continued, “Nag feels this is not the right time for Akhil to work with RGV and if future permits, then they might think about it.” As off now, Akhil is concentrating are getting ready for Venky Atluri’s next film and SS Thaman has started scoring music for it. With Telugu Cinema Industry hit by “Abuse Storm”, the movie process is at this point of time quite slow than expected but it will soon pick up as everything reverts back to normalcy.