Next Nuvve

Horror movies are more about the scares they provide and making fun of them while thrilling makes the genre of horror comedy. The satires on the very nature of scaring easily about unknown is the basic premise of this genre. While few films manage to achieve that few seem to head that way and end up not being a horror or a comedy to talk about. What is Next Nuvve then?

Plot : A serial director Kiran (Aadhi) has to payback the loan he took from a local thug as his serial gets cancelled mid-way. He finds out that his father bought a palace and he takes over that old bungalow to open a resort. His actor girlfriend (Vaibhavi) and father’s assistant Sarath (Brahmaji) with his sister Rashmi (Rashmi Gautam) help him to set it up. Sarath behaves mysteriously and guests die as they walk into the resort. What is the real reason behind this? How will Kiran escape? Watch the movie to know more details ..

Performances : Aadhi Saikumar doesn’t really let us believe that he is a washed up technician and that harms the film as jokes don’t land on him perfectly. Also, he fails to liven up to the comedy genre and gives standard expressions that don’t suit the requirement of the movie.

Brahmaji shoulders the movie. His comic timing is the major plus that works in favour of the scenes. If it is not him then the movie might have found it really tough to sell the comedy scenes. Few don’t even make a good sense but he lends his support to make it all fun.

Rashmi is used to make double meaning jokes and she does well. Vaibhavi is just there to get scared about Rashmi stealing her boy friend and to shout at the ghost image. Himaja looks beautiful and performs well too. But her character doesn’t have enough meat to justify her performance. All others provide ample support.

Technicalities : Movie is more about making fun of common fears that we all have when gong to a seculded place but director Prabhakar fails catch the tone perfectly. He managed to make a decent looking film but doesn’t give it the life it requires to make an impression. The jokes made here are lame and over the top. The makers should have worked on making their movie with Yaamirukka Bhayamey premise but they try to make a similar one and misses out on creating a fun filled thriller. Neither jokes land at a consistent pace or thrills have enough meat.

Karthik Palani makes a good impression by trying out different things but they fail to create a lasting image in our head. As you fear and also laugh, unknowingly that makes for a good horror comedy not just some VFX and camera movement. He needed to give a good tone to the movie. Uddhav SB does a fine job in one half but the next one he fails to hold it all together. The film’s pace go haywire and even though some thrills and jokes had some meat, his and director’s choice of shots dilute the impact.

Sai Kartheek gives good enough back ground score inspired from original but fails to create a good enough music score that helps the movie.

Analysis : The movie could have been much better than what it ended to be. The director tries but doesn’t make an impression as jokes do have an expiry date. With the premise, he could have made a much better impact and made a more funny or spine chilling experience. But it ends being neither there nor here.

Rating : 2/5

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