Naa Peru Surya

May 4th has been declared as Director’s Day in the honor of Sri. Dasari Narayana Rao. A legendary writer and director. He started off as a writer and then went on to direct 150 films, more than any in the world. In a pure coincidence, on such day, another writer has become a director with Naa Peru Surya. How did he perform?

Plot : Surya (Allu Arjun) leaves his home at a young age, due to his anger issues. His father, Ramakrishna Raju (Arjun Sarja) is a famous psychologist and he feels Surya, as a person who is a black mark on his life. He wants Surya to correct himself, instead, Surya leaves home.

He finds a God Father (Rao Ramesh) who guides him to join Army. Even in the army, he tries to act on his own personal will and that lands him in trouble. He is sent away from Army and to re-join, he has to get signature from his father, that he is psychologically fit. Will he be able to get his sign? If he does so, how? Watch the movie for answers …

Performances : Allu Arjun has become an actor, on whom we can rely. He can carry any scene in his own style and this film has one of his finest performances till date. He is in the guidelines of the brief given to him by the director.

Anu Emmanuel is just there for songs and to show off some glamour. Arjun Sarja is delightful as a strict father, who believes he needs to be very straightforward with his son, to set him right.

Sarath Kumar, Nadiya, Sai Kumar, Charu Haasan, Rao Ramesh, Vennela Kishore, Thakur Anoop Singh, Pradeep Rawat and others have no well-defined characters.

Technicalities : Cinematography by Rajeev Ravi is good but his frames don’t have the emotional value or style that the film needed. We can’t fault him as the director is the man, who decides on such things.

Music by Vishal-Sekhar is definitely not up to their caliber and the picturization of the songs is worst too. BGM is good in few scenes but not memorable enough.

Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is highly lackluster. For his experience, he should have been able to keep the movie pacing at a reasonable rate and avoid unnecessary transitions.

Writer-Director, Vakkantham Vamsi can write a good story but his screenplay or dialogues doesn’t add up at all. First of all, he doesn’t know how to create a character or hold it throughout. He doesn’t even show any expertise in convincingly changing the character from one point to another.

All he does is to try and present the scenes as stylishly as possible and never even gives a thought about why the films needs such style or such presentation. Why should there be a close-up? Why should a character need to be established with certain shots? He lacks knowledge in almost all of these topics. Hence, the movie has no emotional weight even though on paper there is a point in the story.

Analysis : Patriotic films in Telugu try to mix up the normal commercial elements to the journey of a soldier or a person who feels the need to stand up for his country. The emotion itself leads to many scenes but there should be a logic for why things are happening on screen.

At least, a logic that the writer and director define in their created world. Here, in Naa Peru Surya, patriotism and soldier has used an angle to show those same old commercial fights and love story in the name of a character analysis. Either the director needed to choose to make a character based movie or a complete commercial movie. He ends up doing none.

Rating : 2/5