Naa Nuvve

We have many love stories that talk about divine involvement or destiny helping two individuals to fall in love and strengthen their bond. Naa Nuvve tries to explore the possibility of two individuals who are poles opposite to meet and fall in love due to chance encounters.

Plot : Varun (Nandamuri Kalyanram) goes missing all of a sudden. Meera (Tamannah) wants to meet him and thinks he is upset because of her father. She decides to take advantage of her RJ profession and plans to go live for 40 hours at a railway station, waiting for him.

She starts narrating their story to listeners. According to that, she met Varun by chance as the destiny guided her to find luck and happiness. She calls him lucky and tries to meet him, so desperately. Due to him, she succeeds in becoming an RJ and when she finally meets him. He dismisses everything. What happened next? How did she convince him? Why is Varun upset with her father? Watch the movie for answers …

Performances : Nandamuri Kalyanram gets a chance to showcase the other side to his acting capabilities. He has been consistently doing one kind of roles but this time, he tried a completely different one. He did well enough within the given limitations but the character needed to be given some more material to really connect.

Tamannah gets the meatiest of the characters but her character lacks in consistency. At one instance she appears to be a true believer and at another instance a believer but rationalist too. That makes her character a bit too boring and not as loveable as one expects it to be.

All others did not have much to do in the film and did not have proper characters too.

Technicalities : PC Sreeram scores the most points in this film. He manages to induce new concepts in lighting up a scene and makes it highly watchable, pleasing to eyes too. His visuals make all the difference between a boring film and watchable one.

Sharreth manages to score good music but the songs don’t really hold up well after we complete viewing. Also, the movie doesn’t give him enough scope to experiment also.

Satish Surya, the editor of the film, fails to really keep the film pace at a reasonable rate. We end up watching sequences after sequences going without proper transitition between them.

Subha and Jayendra, writers of the film, fail to engage us with the characters and also the mystic destiny angle feels more forced than realistic. Any fairytale connects to us most because it tries to not undermine our believability and also connects to us. Here, due to characters and the situations, we just end up seeing a lethargic tale of romance unfold in an even more boring way.

Director Jayendra, tries to create a believable atmosphere around the characters but fails in sustaining interest. He lacks conviction in what he tries to tell and hence, we end up not feeling a thing for the characters. Also, with the story not moving in an interesting direction, we don’t even get likeable characters to keep us glued.

Analysis : In a film, that tries to be fairytale and mystic at the same time, the romance needed to be honest and believable. Here, it feels highly superficial and tangential. The movie doesn’t try to even deviate from clichés and we end up feeling the runtime. It needed a much better effort from the team to convince us with this story. On the whole, it is a wasted opportunity.

Rating : 1.5/5