Massive budget for one sequence in Saaho

We have been hearing a lot about Saaho and how the crew tried to pull off an ambitious action sequence at par with Hollywood standards, at Abu Dhabi. The team shot there for more than 20 days and the prep work to execute the shoot took them 120 days of planning and hard work. Cinematographer Madhie, revealed the details to a media outlet and he sounded genuinely excited for pulling off such a sequence.

He said, “Kenny Bates is a perfectionist and he along with director, Sujeeth, came with the plan to shoot the sequence on Abu Dhabi roads. Then, the task was legt to me and his team to pull it off. I and Kenny Bates, kept discussing for months about the camera angles and also, the cameras we need to capture the shots. As he doesn’t cheat and wants the vehicle to run at exact speed that we show on screen, we had to bring in special equipment that he uses for such high speed chases and also several cameras from Germany and other countries.”

He continued, “We had ample sunlight but no shade around the city. So, we couldn’t escape sun strokes and skin peeling. We did start shooting only after 8-day trail shoot and all the actors did exceptionally well, to complete the actual shooting in 20 days.” He revealed that Prabhas character will go through many changes and he used 16KW intensity lights to showcase Prabhas in few scenes. He said it will be quite thrilling too. By the way, Abu Dhabi sequence lasts for 8 minutes on screen but it cost a budget of 70 crores to producers, UV Creations. Well, Saaho just gets exciting, isn’t it?