Movies can be made by any person and there is no distinguished quality that one needs to attain to be called a filmmaker. It is an art form either in an abstract form or in a mainstream way, an art form always wants to find a good audience member without any doubt.

Unfortunately, some movies will have to find their own producers as conservative regulars might find it too odd and too abstract to invest. For such cinema to exist, Phanindra Narsetty came up with a good film that will encourage many to look at Independent Cinema after a debacle like, Pesarattu.

Plot : Manu (Raja Goutham) is always on the search for either rats or a lock for which he has a key. He is an artist who can paint abstract art and he has a secret admirer who loves to stalk him.

She is none other than, Neela (Chandini Chowdary) whom he met at a bar and had a chance encounter that resulted in an embarrassment for both. On the same night, Manu meets an old man and saves him from few goons who needs a diamond from him. But after that night Manu ends up searching for lock and rats. Neela tries to give her house on rent and another stranger tries to follow her for money. What happened on that night? Can Manu and Neela fall in love? Why is he searching for that lock? Watch the movie for answers…

Performances : Raja Goutham showcased his talent as an actor in this movie after a long time. With a good script and good director, he can deliver good box office films too.

Chandini Chowdary did well in parts but she was too blank in a few scenes where she needed to deliver a good performance. On the whole, she proved that she is talented enough to make an impact.

All others are aptly cast for their roles.

Technicalities : Viswanath Reddy did a commendable job with his camera. The director wanted him to make it a character and he obliged to it.

Naresh Kumaran’s music is good and his Back Ground score suits the setting really well. He dominates most of the scenes and did it well.

Phanindra Narsetty went ahead to create a film that he always aspired to make and we can his passion throughout the film. He constructed the images with painstaking details and we can see how much of his and his team work had to go into the film for it to take such shape.

Analysis : Movies do come and go but several movies try to leave a lasting impact. Phanindra Narsetty as a director tried to make a difference and lasting artistic film in Telugu in International standards. He pulled it off with commendable ease and the way, he executed the movie in low budget is awe-inspiring. Well, do give this film a try when you have enough time for your love of art and craft.

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