Manjula to direct Sundeep Kishan!

Manjula, the elder sister of Superstar Mahesh Babu is known for being passionate about films and trying to be associated with them in some or the other way. She first tried her hand in acting with a film directed by Selvamani in Tamil and Telugu, but the film registered a flop and fans of the actor Krishna protested against her decision to act and did not stop until the actor announced she will not pursue acting as a lead further. She unable to get over passion assisted Mahesh Babu by hearing out some scripts in his early career. Then after she got married to the person she loved and shared the passion, produced a movie with Neelakanta, the intellectual director of Telugu Cinema, Show that won National Accolades for Screenplay.

She also acted in the movie. The fans of actor now felt proud for her achievement. She started her own Production house Indira Movies and produced a big budget movie, Nani with Khushi director SJ Surya and ARRahman as music director. But the film became a disaster and she lost money on the project. She immediately planned in a lesser budget a movie with Puri Jagannadh in association with his own Production house. Pokiri became an Industry Hit and she then produced Ye Maaya Chesave with Naga Chaitanya. Even though movie became a hit and earned a lot of fame, she claimed that it went over budget and stopped producing films. She started acting in movies with her husband Sanjay Swaroop. Both were seen in movies like Orange. She slowly started learning the craft and taking her step mother, Vijaya Nirmala, the lady director to direct most number of films, a Guinness record holder, as an inspiration and started writing a script.

After she got convinced, she approached her brother Mahesh to star in her film. But as Mahesh is busy till 2019, in the meantime she is planning a movie with Sandeep Kishan in Gemini Circuit production and introducing herself as a director. With this movie, she can even prove herself and show off her skills to her brother so that no outsiders can pin point as it being a costly favor by a brother to her sister. The movie will start soon once Sandeep Kishan completes his pending projects. Gemini Kiran will produce the film while Sai Madhav Burra as completed the dialogues for the script. The muhurat shot of the film will take place in February and regular shooting after Sandeep completes his earlier movies.

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