Manasuku Nacchindi

Whenever we want to give a message that Nature is our Mother and it deserves love, we tend to get too preachy. The preachiness of the screenplay and dialogues needs to be converted into visuals for people to feel it the way we feel. The nature needs love and that doesn’t really need a love story!

Plot : Suraj (Sandeep Kishan) and Nithya ( Amyra Dastur) elope from their wedding and decide to find themselves. Nithya is a hippe, who loves Nature and doesn’t really care for others. Suraj is more contemporary person who cares about the day and his ‘fame’ dreams.

He slowly finds himself and sees that he is more like Nithya. But Nithya changes a lot and this is due to her feelings towards Suraj. She becomes lazy but Suraj becomes more active Nature Lover. What happened to their story? Did they find love with others or within themselves?

Performances : Sandeep Kishan did not really get the essence of the character. He tried his best to look like an urban person in the movie but did not live upto the expectations. He is a complete miscast for this movie.

Amyra Dastur did not get a good character with meat. She tried her best to look like the part but she did not suite the sensibilities of the director and writer. The movie needed to give her character much more intensity and purpose than it did.

All other actors did try their best but their characters did not have much purpose in the story.

Technicalities : Cinematographer Ravi Yadav gave his best possible visuals to represent the nature as much as he can. His color tones and camera angles seriously connect us with nature. We would fall in love with nature, because of the visual grammar he followed throughout the film.

Music by Radhan, is good and his melodies have a good quality. But the song placement and picturisation kills the mood. As an independent album this is one of the best works from him.

Writer and director, Manjula tried to bring in lot of concepts like why we need to love nature and offers a solution in the form of loving ourselves. But her writing is very lousy and there are many preachings that we cannot really sink with as the the characters doesn’t inspire us at all. She needed a decent story to pull off her high concepts.

Analysis : This is one such movie where we feel a good writing team would have been a bigger help to the director and the story itself. This is a missed opportunity for the movie makers as they did have high-end plans and good budget to carry their thoughts but lacked a good script.

Rating : 1/5

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