Mammotty remarks that Yatra is an emotional tale

Multi-National Award winning actor, Mammotty met the press to promote his direct Telugu Film Yatra. He did a film in Telugu after 25 years. He played the role of YSR in the movie and it is releasing on 8th February.

He said, “I don’t know anything about YSR before taking up the project. I am an actor and from 38 years, I’ve been in the pubic eye that means I’m in politics too. But I never got to know much about YSR. I did study and research about YSR before joining the shoot but I chose to not imitate of mimic him, in the film.

There are fictitious elements added to the life of YSR, as we wanted to present his soul than just his true biopic. I did previously BR Ambedkar and Basheer’s roles in films and they have been biopics. Yatra is not a complete biopic of YSR.

Mahi V. Raghav impressed me with script and I think young talent will always come up with new ways to present a story. I never met Jagan or YSR’s family. I did the role by understanding his persona in public eye and I did not need any personal information to play him on screen,” concluded the actor.