Being Lucky or unlucky doesn’t mean much it is all about work you put in and results should follow. This was my notion till I met a guy who is looked upon by his father and family as an unlucky sign. Well, his story made me again realise my belief is right to the tee. Tell me is it that important to be lucky or unlucky without deserving it? Should you deserve some amount of money just like that without working? Think and tell to yourself.

PLOT : Lucky (Manchu Vishnu) is looked down by his father and friends as unlucky sign of their life. After few incidents he meets Positive Padma (Hansika) who is interested in surrounding herself with positivity than anything else. Lucky meets her and falls in love. But she doesn’t accept him. One day a suitcase of 25 crores belonging to a gangster falls in his lap. From then on Lucky’s luck changes and what transpires next forms the crux of the story.

Performances : Vishnu Manchu has been trying against all odds to improve his screen presence and acting skills has well with each film. Even though his acting skills have drastically improved from where he started still he needs to get more comfortable in emoting and romantic scenes. His comic timing also needs some polish. He is still locked in Dhee style dialogue delivery whenever he is trying a comic character. All said, he improved leaps and bounds and with little more work he can be one of the brightest stars of Telugu Cinema. Hansika Motwani has nothing to do but look pretty which is good at and as in many of her films she just walks, dances and looks beautiful. She did her job. Other actors like Prabhas Sreenu, Satyam Rajesh and antagonist group are highly routine in their approach and there is nothing special to write about them here. Jaya Prakash was wasted in his role that is too inconsequential. Posani is regular and at times he irritates you to no end.

Technicalities : Acchu gives very regular music to the already regular film. The movie offers nothing new except for few jokes here and there and music follows the same route. It needed to be loud and it was. Even back ground score tries the same format and it is ok for the proceedings. Editing needed a lot more finesse to let us not be bored by the sequences that look too old. Yes, few jokes are very new and fresh while several are too old to laugh out loud. The mood of the film is generally dull as well. Cinematography by PG Vinda is ok as some lighting concepts were good while several at many places the film looks to dull to the exuberance it is trying to maintain. Well, it could be a one off situation where the Cameraman tried something new but that did not translate well on screen. On the whole a pretty lacklustre job.

Dialogues by Diamond Ratnababu were funny at times and highly forgettable at others. The major issue stands with very old situations and even old approach of the team towards them. For a breezy entertainer, freshness is the major key but that is missed here dearly. Writer-Director Raajakiran falls prey for his own ambition to create a commercially viable and funny film giving up on some of his good threads that could have helped the story to look real and good at the same time with a fresh appeal. The movie missed the mark several times even for it is trying to achieve. He required to make it more fresh for people to like and enjoy rather than make it regular.

Analysis : The movie suffers from a syndrome of trying hard to tickle audience funny bone with as regular formulaic way as possible. In Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam, that worked due to comic legend like Rajendra Prasad taken care of some the scenes but here Vishnu had to handle everything on his shoulders. The director could not give him a helping hand with good enough scenes and fresh content. On the whole a very forgettable attempt and if you are a fan of Vishnu watch it once.

Rating : 1.5/5

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