A boy meets girl, he falls for her looks, then chases her gets to know her character, announces to the World he will marry her, she rejects, slaps and even tries to go to the police. But in one moment, he shows that he has a good heart and girl to falls for him. Then a problem comes into her life, as she is very naive and overly good. Hero has to solve it.

Plot : Raj (Raj Tharun) falls in love with a nurse, Charitha (Riddhi Kumar) and he tries to woo her by hook or crook. He is an orphan and takes Jaggu (Rajeev Kanakala) as his brother. Jaggu is criminal and he talks very less.

One day, Jaggu gets an assignment that involves Charitha. His emotional connection to Raj makes him take his side but then Charitha is also adamant on doing the right thing and dies for it. Can Raj save Charitha? Who is behind Jaggu and what is the whole issue about? Watch the film for answers …

Performances : Raj Tharun overacted in this movie to no end. He tried to be energetic but it ended up showing him as a wannabe Ravi Teja. The character doesn’t have an arc, in fact, no characters do, and the movie needed his love track with Riddhi Kumar to work like magic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Riddhi Kumar looks too young on screen and her performance is not worthy of mentioning. Rajeev Kanakala did his bit well.

All others including Subbaraju, Ajay, Sachin Khedkar are criminally underused.

Technicalities : Sameer Reddy, the cinematographer of the movie tried to give the movie some good visual strength to the film. While it is eye-pleasing, the script lets down his work without any room for recovery.

Music composers like Amit Trivedi, Arko, Sai Kartheek gave their best tunes to the film. But the presentation on screen did not suit the standard of the tunes. JB’s background score is loud and unimpressive.

Pravin Pudi’s editing for this movie is not at all good. It seemed like an amateurish work rather than done by a pro. The cuts did not look smooth and even the shot selection seemed way off the track.

Anish Krishna, the writer and director of the movie tried his best to make the movie as cliched as any movie can be. At a time, when love stories are trying to innovate as character studies and tales of twisted individuals, this one tries to follow every cliché in the book without even giving novelty a try.

Analysis : This movie is a very good example of how a young team who desire to create a good film can go completely wrong due to lack of any experience. The director and even cast, no one seems to have given it a thought that the movie has no innovation or interesting elements. Well, even for a weekend popcorn entertainment this one doesn’t fit the bill.

Rating : 1.5/5

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