Today, I got a chance to visit Lanka hosted by Ravana who thinks women are more of sex objects than human beings. He believes they are only present on this world for giving pleasure to men and tries to inflict pain in their lives by his malicious attitude and criminal mindset. In the end, he does get punished by another woman but such stories do worry me about the society and how it is degrading everyday!

Plot : A famous National Award Winning actress Swathi (Ena Saha), a malayali, plans to create a false identity for herself after her one last Telugu Film and then fly off to US. But she is a monophobic and lonely since her birth. Even though she does have plans and means to be happy, nightmares doesn’t allow her to be at peace. Finally, when she gives up on it, she finds a hope in the form of a short film shooting. A young maker Sai (Sai Ronak) who doesn’t know about her chases her down and offers the role. She takes it up as she needs to hide from a human trafficker Sarath (Sijju). She finds a friend in Rebecca (Raasi) who helps her to arrive at a solution for her problems through Telepathy. Suddenly, Swathi goes missing and Rebecca, announces that she is Swathi! What really transpired? Well watch it on screen …

Performances : Raasi holds the movie together from the point she enters the screen. She doesn’t let herself get bogged down by the script that over the time gets interesting and then immediately falls flat on the ground to a no point of recovery. Her presence in the movie makes up for others who give tolerable performances and for that Raasi should be credited with some brilliant brownie points.

Sai Ronak, Sudarshan, Ena Saha fail to perform even for the requirement of the script. Ena Saha had lot of sequences that needed her perform at her best but it gets hard to believe even if it just a character, that she won a National Award for the kind of expressions she is putting up on screen. Sijju as a protagonist is very ordinary and he needs to come up with better performances whenever he gets such chances.

Technicalities : Technically, the film does not try to deliver anything extra-ordinary. The movie fizzles out due to lack of better work from the technical team. Mainly, Sri Charan Pakala, fails to give good music that is in sync with the proceedings and fails to induce any kind of emotion. He needs to work harder than he seems to be doing.Cinematographer Ravi does give the movie some good shots here and but fails to deliver on consistency. He doesn’t carry the mood through out the movie and at times falls back on the old techniques in lighting up the ambiance that doesn’t really bring out the freshness of the script.

Story and Screenplay by Sri Muni doesn’t work for the concept. He fails to execute the movie in the right way. He just spreads out his ideas all over the screen and dilutes the impact with unnecessarily lengthy sequences. He could have easily made this movie much better for the benefit of audience members than what he did. He needs to understand the movie doesn’t work on old ideas but on fresh concepts.

Analysis : Movie fails to ignite the interest in audience members after the first fifteen minutes and then tries pick up as it goes on but with every twist it falls into dark abyss. Had the director took some concentrating on the script and the point he has, Telepathy would have given him a good movie that the script promises. On the whole the movie works in bits and on emotion but after a point it fizzles out!

Rating : 1.5/5

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