Kamal to not quit cinema

Kamal Hassan announced a few days ago that his major concentration will be on politics only and he may even quit cinema for public service. An actor like him will always be an asset and if he decides to not act anymore, roles that need him will remain untouched or underperformed. But with the kind of popularity, he endures if he is trying to do some good for society then him not making movies is worth it too.

In such a state of acceptance and denial, the actor said that he will not quit cinema, in his recent interview. He said, “I will not leave the cinema. Even MGR acted in films after joining politics. I will continue cinema but in what role, will be decided by future. I will not use films to promote my agenda or flag. We will not use my party name or flag in my movies. MGR did not have such a social media platform to promote, so he used films.”

He also commented that it is hard to just take Re.1 to do public service. He is releasing his movie, Vishwaroopam-2 for 15th August. Then, he will be concentrating on his movie Sebhash Naidu and Shankar will start Indian-2 works from November of this year. Will he do any films after that? He said that he has plans for Vishwaroopam-3 and will do it, after watching Vishwaroopam-2 result.