I don’t have to promote too much – Nayantara

Nayantara is one of the most sought after heroines in South India and she is doing Jai Simha with Nandamuri Balakrishna that is going to release for Sankranthi season. The actress has a complaint on her that she won’t come for promotions and even threatens the producers that if she comes for promotions, the movie could be a flop too. Also, the producers have threatened to keep her in black list if she continues to do so.

The actress has come out with a strong reply and said, “I am not hiding my motivations from anyone. All of a sudden, I am not announcing that I will not promote. I have said that I don’t want to promote the film to the director and producers, the moment they narrate the film and before signing, I make sure that they accept this condition. Once they have accepted it, they shouldn’t be criticising me post release. I know which films should I promote and which I should not.”

She also opined that the times have changed and people need not worry about promoting the movies in one style only. She said, “I think the movies and times have changed and we need to move forward accordingly. We cannot make films that appeal to certain set of audience and expect them to be universal hits. Similarly, if a film starring me or anyone is good then people will watch it. If it isn’t, then they won’t come out to watch even if I talk about the movie by sitting in front of 100 channels for 24 hrs a day. Content is important and we can also look at digital promotions as that will be more easy and viable going forward.”