I can’t find a better job than this Says Anushka

Anushka Shetty is busy these days trying to get a grip on her health issues. She is trying to rest her leg as much as possible and then, work on reducing her body weight too. She has left many lucrative opportunities because of the health issues and she even said that not many producers are coming forward to offer her roles in regular commercial films. She doesn’t want to lose her credibility by acting in films that are not worthy of her efforts.

She proved that she has a huge fan bass and with a well publicised movie, she can rake in a huge box office opening with Bhaagamathie, this year. So, she doesn’t want to do any kind of a movie, just to cash that love and trust. The actress said, “I don’t think there is any better job than this. We have to look at acting and filmmaking as a job too. This is indeed passionate creative work but we should treat it as a job.”

She explained, “People might not respect you immediately on the first day of your new job but here except for your first film, your are highly respected. You have to prove yourself and they treat you like a Queen. Also, when you doing what you love even if your involved in it for complete 24 hours of the day, you don’t feel the pinch. That’s the passion that this work demands and unless and until you respect it the same way, you can’t deliver a good film. What more can you ask from your favorite job.”