I am happy to be debuting in my mother tongue

Sai Pallavi’s new film, Kanam is slated for a release on 27th April. Kaala, starring Rajanikanth had to release on the day. It couldn’t due to TFPC strike and even Kanam, which was supposed to release in March, is releasing, on the date. Sai Pallavi and Naga Shaurya played major roles in the movie and as the actor doesn’t want to promote the film, Sai Pallavi, decided to go for the promotions.

She met media today and said, “I am happy that I get to debut in my mother tongue in such an intense film. I did my first film in Malayalam and then shifted to Telugu. This is my first bilingual and my debut in Tamil. I was hesitant at first to accept the role of an young mother and I hence, did not show much interest to do the movie. But director Vijay sir, wanted me to do it, hence, he gave script to my mother and asked to pass it on to me only if she likes.”

She continued, “My mother advised me to go ahead with the subject and act in it. I read the script after her recommendation and loved it. Even after the shoot, I used to call up the actor’s house for three weeks to know about her. She became my child and I felt like a mother towards her. I controlled myself after a point of time, but such is the impact it had on me.” She did not choose to talk about any controversial elements and hoped the movie will be a huge hit.