Humanity is the theme of SPYder : Murugadoss!

Mahesh’s SPYder is coming our tomorrow, that is, 27th of September. The actor and the entire team of the movie are busy giving interviews about the movie. Recently, director Murugadoss spoke to media about the movie and he shared some important highlights of the film. He said, “Humanity has been lost in the latest generation.”

He supported his statement saying, “You see many connected to a device these days rather than to humans. There were times when accident used to be a big event and people used to run to help a person in need. But that has changed now. Many are showing humanity only when natural disasters hit us and are uploading videoscof major accidents on social media rather than helping a person. I think this is an important message and very subtly we hint at this message through hero character! “

Coming to the highlight portions in the movie, Murugadoss said, “There is a 20 minute portion in second half where Hero and House maker ladies will catch the villain. That will be highly exciting. Along with it, the action episodes involving a rock and a rolar coaster fight will be highly engaging and entertaining in the film. ” Well, let’s watch them on screen and get thrilled.