How can movie director design a capital city? : Vijayendra Prasad

Over the last few days and weeks, one news has taken up the major tabloids, architects and common people by surprise. The news that movie director SS Rajamouli was asked to design Amaravati, the capital city of newly formed Andhra Pradesh state. Many thought is our beloved Chief Minister gone crazy about his ways?

The truth in the matter is yet to be known. But the turmoil for getting the right plan to build a viable capital city on the banks of river Krishna near Amaravati is still going on. The state government as assigned several International organizations from Japan, America and Singapore to design a plan but unimpressed by them he has now asked Astana City Mayor, to share the plans of his city with the committee members of Amaravati for a quick review.

The news of SS Rajamouli being assigned to design the city had even father of the director and star writer, Vijayendra Prasad, shell shocked and question the sanity behind the spread half boiled rumour. He asked the journalist who posed the question to him in return, “How can a movie director design a capital city when he solely explains and examine the set designed by team of artists?”

He later explained saying that SS Rajamouli could have been approached to give some inputs regarding the design but however one could have been impressed by a movie set no one that too a Chief Minister of State would never ask a movie director to design an entire city it is the job of qualified architects. As one of many influential persons from Andhra Pradesh, Rajamouli if asked would give his inputs but him designing a city is baseless. Well we think the matter resolves here.

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