Today, I met a guy who hails from Guntur and the man had very regular story with not so much interesting narration. Let me introduce you too about him.

Plot : Well, going into the story, In Guntur a man named Suryanarayana (Rajendra Prasad) desires for a son and since he lost his wife he showers all that love towards his son, Kanna Babu (Manchu Manoj). This spoilt kid grows up to become a Messiah of masses. He can’t stand injustice and won’t let go of a great looking girl like Amrutha (Pragya Jaiswal). On the other hand, Amrutha is the sister of egoist criminal lawyer Seshagiri Rao (Sampath). He has a political guru, Koteswara Rao (Kota Srinivas Rao) who is a sitting MLA and Seshu wants to take his place. After an unfortunate incident, Kanna has to fight with Seshu for his survival and love. Can he win? Can he survive? Forms the rest of the story.

Performances : Manchu Manoj looked very awkward in the movie and his body language did not suit the character at all. The major setback has not just been look but even his acting in the movie doesn’t live upto his own standards too. He overdoes the emotion and at times the dip in his energy levels is evident as well. He needs to re-invent himself again to give his rocking star title justification. Pragya Jaiswal doesn’t seem to have any problem in being the quintessential Telugu glam doll but she misses the mark in her acting as she looks like someone asked her to smile each and minute of her screentime. Not even punch in his role to score marks as an actor too.

Rajendra Prasad, Sampath, Kota Srinivas Rao and Rao Ramesh do well in their given material but hardly there is anything exciting in the script as well. Director could have done a lot with the actors and even could have explored the characters that he had as well. But the no-steam screenplay undermines their experience and efforts as well.

Technicalities : Music by Acchu and Back Ground score by Chinna are ok with the tone of the movie and it never let’s us have a moment to enjoy. The songs does look like we heard them somewhere and nothing much to enjoy in the picturisation as well. Cinematography by Siddharth Ramasamy is bland and doesn’t give any separate tone to the film at all. His work is better in few scenes but in most of the film it is highly lacklustre. His staging and angles does need to have some more finesse to give it any edge.

Writer-Director SK Satya just tries to create the similar world that we all have got accustomed to as quintessential telugu cinema fans. He takes a lot of inspiration from latest hit films and even older movies. Even though they are elements in his story and character, he just doesn’t explore them completely or stay consistent with them either. With characters like egoistic lawyer, a ‘durada’ shot tempered hero, he could have created even better film but he betrays everyone who trusted him with a lacklustre attempt and highly amateurish writing.

Analysis : Whenever you enter a movie you’re trying to understand what is the purpose of such an attempt by a wealthy man and a creatively healthy brain to collaborate and create a piece of art. Well, when you enter Gunturodu theatre you just feel like crying out loud, “Why, Lord? Why, Me?” Yes, the movie is such a pathetic attempt at creating a solid entertainer that will satisfy the regular appetite of a common moviegoer. Writer-Director SK Satya misses the point by miles here. He wanted to create a regular pot boiler that Telugu Cinema proudly stands for but you feel like this is an attempt to make you cringe about you being alive in a theatre.

Rating : 2/5