Everyone is fascinated to know how Armed forces like Navy operate under extreme conditions and even though there are several documentaries and docu dramas from Hollywood based on several war events, one about Indian Navy and that PNS Ghazi sinking mission made me excited to watch a movie about that operation. And I found that History is nothing but Fiction!

Plot : Bangladesh, during 1971 before it’s formation was known as East Pakisthan and Banglas fought for their freedom from the atrocities of various Pakisthani leaders. The rebel movement got great mileage across the world and looking at the advantage that India can posses in weakening Pakisthan, especially after 1965 War, India behaved like a good neighbour in peace negotiations but one Pakisthan aggressive move changed everything and India ultimately gifted Bangladesh their Freedom. That aggression is PNS Ghazi placement in East Coast waters of India trying to sink INS Vikrant and trying to fail their mission, Rann Vijay Singh (Kay Kay Menon) and Arjun Verma(Rana Daggubati) are appointed by Indian Navy with a submarine S-21 to patrol the waters and resurface the information of attack if any. What transpires between them and how Razzack’s Ghazi dunked forms the rest of the story!

Performances : Rana Daggubati seems to have come out of his flux since Bahubali and he tried to emote well on screen as Arjun a Navy commander. He was perfect for the role yet in few scenes he was found wanting in front of an actor like Kay Kay Menon and Atul Kulkarni. A bit experience would have helped him stand toe to toe in front of them. Well may be in future. Om Puri in his last few films, was good as always even here too. Every actor talking in Telugu with sync in most of the scenes is a praiseworthy effort from young team. Kay Kay Menon as Rann Vijay is an asset to the film and one wishes had been as popular as Khans or Kapoors or Bhatts he could have easily commanded the box office of movie on his own. Atul Kulkarni even dubbed his own lines for the movie and it is happy inclusion. If he continues to do so, in other movies that would be great. Tapsee Pannu had nothing much to do and with many more known faces like Satyadev, Ravi Varma, Priyadarshi and several others the movie packs a solid punch in performances side.

Technicalities : Firstly, Madhie has to be credited for his visual grammar in the movie. He understood the vision of the young director and even though there are several iffys in the shot division he covered them with his amazing sense of lighting and made even audience member feel the claustrophobia of a normal soldier in a submarine under extreme water pressure. Editor Sreekar Prasad once again proved why he is regarded so high with his apt cuts in building the tension and holding the moment just the extra second for greater impact. Most of the credit for few scenes carrying the motion and being perfectly in sync with drama should go to him. BGM by K sounds like Hans Zimmer inspired music. Had he or she cared about the sync with the situation it would have even enhanced the effect.

Gunnam Gangaraju made it clear that he knows how much dialogue works in what sequence and how much can be hold off with just stares and glances. His additional screenplay seems to have added several elements that were previously missing from the script and he should be congratulated for that. Sankalp Reddy proves that he has craft in making a movie as a young director in Indian Cinema but his writing needs far more polish before he goes on to his next. He left away several characters in the middle of the screenplay underdeveloped and even certain events appear to have been influenced from other Hollywood blockbusters in the genre. His passion for executing such an unknown genre film in South and Indian film needs to be credited. He did show a lot of potential for better movies in future and hope ge continues on the right path.

Analysis : The movie Ghazi is an unique kind of a war film that explores the idea of winning a war by not surviving it but by killing the enemy. In days of intolerance debate and communal hatred the film might come out on top with its patriotic theme yet the film crew should be given credit for not making it too Pakisthan vs India, match with unnecessary emotions. It is worth your time and money.

Rating : 3/5