When you desire one thing all your life and work hard to reach it. While when you’re about to enjoy the fruits of your hard work, you get robbed of it. You are dragged into a pit of conspiracies that drive to fail wantedly, how would you feel? What would be your reaction then?

Mohan Babu is back after eons of screen-time and he looked fresh. His energy on screen and body language are the best possible in recent times. But are they enough to make this a hit?

Plot : Gayatri ( Mohan Babu) is a ruthless killer. His work is to eliminate the people who go against his agenda. He doesn’t really care for any other person or even for law. He can easily decimate a good police officer too. But in a court case, where he cannot escape capital punishment, he decides to use an actor, Shivaji (Mohan Babu) who looks like him to die for him.

For that he starts exploring the actor’s life and finds out about his weaknesses. He understands that his other rival, Gayatri (Nikhila Vimal) is actually the daughter of Shivaji. So, what did he plan to escape the punishment? What are his challenges in achieving his goal? Could Shivaji escape from his trap? Watch the movie for answers.

Performances : Mohan Babu proved once again that he is the best when it comes to pulling off a villianeous charcter. He does a good job as Shivaji too, but he comes into his own as Gayatri Patel. His style, dialogue delivery and looks are best in recent years as Gayatri. He even tried to dance in this movie after a long time.

Shriya Saran really turned into a good actor these days. Her experience in the acting field as helped her to grow as a performer. Manchu Vishnu tried his best to imitate his father but couldn’t really make us believe that he is young Mohan Babu.

Nikhila Vimal did not really bring newness into her age old character. All others did not get much space and within the given screen-time, they did what they can.

Technicalities : Gautam Raju as an editor tried his best to keep the interest going on. But after a point the over-long stretched screenplay did not give him much scope. In the final 20 minutes, he tried his best but the screenplay did not help him there too.

Cinematography by Sarvesh Murari is fine for most part of it but visual quality did not match to the standards he normally set. The background concepts and lighting schemes, he used did not match content in the movie.

Music composed by SS Thaman looked like a complete rehash rather than feeling fresh. But the back ground score did elevate the characters and mainly his theme for Gayatri Patel, character is good.

Director Madan seems to be fixed in 80’s and 90’s. He did not come up with any interesting concepts or new style in designing the film. His narration doesn’t really work as well. He had an interestng character but doesn’t really use it much. Even Mohan Babu looked confused in few scenes and that is just pure bad timing on the director’s part. Even the screenplay is completely dated.

Analysis : The movie lost a good opportunity to use the best character written for Mohan Babu in years. The director could have done much better by concentrating on Gayatri Patel character but he narrates the story in a dated manner. This film could have been much much better instead it ends up being a lost chance. Mohan Babu fans could watch it once for his performance.

Rating : 2/5