DJ song controversy thickens further!

Duvvada Jagannadam, the Allu Arjun starrer found itself in an unwanted controversy with the newly released second single, Gudilo Badilo Madilo, becoming a point of interest for Brahmin community. The lyrics in the song had few words from Rudra sthothram, namakam and Tamakam equated to the feelings of the protagonist towards his love. This did not go well with the community and they started a battle against the lyricist and the director to apologize and remove the song as well.

Some even took it further and filed a PIL in the court against the team saying they have defamed the culture and hurt their sentiments badly. With the controversy not easing out and becoming a rage among the community, Harish Shankar tried to explain the issue through a long post. He introduced himself and his family’s name in typical Brahmin style and tried to explain what he and lyricist Sahiti meant with the song. For a boy, born and brought up in typical Brahmin household, we cannot use some Pakistani mango leaves to describe his passion and love for a girl. So we used those words and that objects that he daily uses.”

He further stated that being a Brahmin boy, he won’t agree to such unfair criticism and supported Sahiti, who wrote the song and Dil Raju, the producer.

“Lyricist Sahiti, worked hard on the song and he does understand the difference between the words that makes sense and words that doesn’t. Rather than just taking things on their face value, try to explore the deeper meaning in them. We spent crores on the money and don’t want to create controversies. Dil Raju, the producer and his family, every year conduct Brahmostavam in their Lord Venkateswara’s Temple with utmost respect and devotion. He will not look to demean other devotees and religion in any sense. I’m busy with post production works , so not running around studios to answer those questioning but if that satisfies you, I will come with my lyricist to explain each of your doubts. Lastly, being from a Brahmin household, I won’t look to spit on my own face by insulting my own community. Please understand that,” he stated. His reply did not go down well with the people who lodged the case and they want him to remove the words without any further ado to take back the case.

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