An associate director needs to impress his director and he proposes to him a story that is so good. He is impressed. In another scenario, he tells him a story that works commercially and director blesses him. There is a third scenario that the associate tries to impress his director by telling a story that represents the Director’s greatness to audience. This is the category Darshakudu belongs to.. It is a love story written by Hari Prasad Jakka to Sukumar!

Plot : Mahesh (Ashok) is a passionate creator who finds inspiration or copy from anything and everything that happens in his life. He meets Namrata (Eesha Rebba) on his trip to overcome writers block. She becomes his inspiration but she wants more than that. Can he give her what she seeks from him? Watch it on screen to know…

Performances : Ashok seems to be too wooden to carry off a role that needed a charisma from him. He tries to delivery a line right but only his lips work but his eyes and expressions seem to be stuck. Eesha Rebba carries the role but she fails to support the loose and silly execution after a point.

All other actors try their best to emote and make sense but it doesn’t work in entirety. Watching Pradeep and his Saraswathi after a long time is good but they were not given any good characters.

Technicalities : The movie needed to have a depth in its writing to make it easily connectible. But it just come together cohesively as it is loosely based on few moments and charisma between the lead actors doesn’t work. Hari Prasad Jakka seems to be too much in love with Sukumar and after observing him he might have written this story. One feels that way but he lacks the conviction to bring out the true emotional depth to the conflict. People being selfish in love and trying to create moments for themselves and not wanting to share them publicly and a director trying to use those private moments is a great premise for debate but it falls flat for the need of the director to be forcefully out of box and “original”. Had he tried to create genuine moments and seriously go into the depths it would have been great.

Naveen Nooli did his best to keep the edit crisp but it doesn’t work after a point. The repeatedness in the script catches on and as an editor he could have pointed into the director, you wish. Praveen Anumolu the cinematographer tries to give a tone to the movie but his few bright visuals doesn’t make up for lack of depth. Sai Kartheek as a music composer is good in his own style but he tries to ape Devi Sri Prasad and pulls off well.

Analysis : The movie could have been more than what it could have been. As the director fails to look beyond what he wrote and go into the depth of the subject we feel like looking the same thing again and again. Had he worked on being genuine in portraying emotions that would have helped the movie more. Anyways not a film that you should run to watch immediately.

Rating : 2/5

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