Ram Charan eyeing to remake a Chiru Film?

In Film Industry, it is not new that actors try to remake a movie of old generation that they deem fit to show to the new generation with new cast and little twist. Shah Rukh Khan’s Don, Prabhas’s Billa have been big examples of that fact. Even though some do not announce it out loud, we can see many movies of the actors who come from famous families having some resemblances to their father’s early movies.

Now, Charan who remixed his father’s songs in his earlier movies is looking to remake a movie of his. The movie will be directed by Trinadha Raio Nakkina for Dil Raju production. The actor has recently agreed to work with Siva Koratala for Mythri Movie Makers and he will also start this movie simultaneously if he likes the script. As off now, all the reports suggest that the movie could be a remake of his father’s super hit, Mantrigari Viyyankudu.

The movie is produced by Geetha Arts in the direction of Bapu and it is written by Ramana. The movie is a fun ride with the challenges and Allu Ramalingaiah acted as the main villain. The movie did suffer under Khaidi’s massive success but managed to stand alone after many years and today, it is revered as one of the early films that helped Chiranjeevi to become Megastar after Khaidi. As the plot and story can be easily adapted for today’s generation, Trinadha Rao and his team is working on the script and as soon as they narrate it to Charan, he will take the final call!

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