Can three small films compete with Baahubali typhoon?

This week, on Friday, 12th of May, three films are releasing. All three are medium budget movies and one wonders if they can compete with the juggernaut of Baahubali2. Sharwanand’s Radha, Rakshaka Bhatudu, Happy Days fame, Rahul’s Venkatahpuram are releasing on the same day and we wonder how will they fare?

Baahubali2 has crossed everyone’s imagination with it’s gigantic run crushing any record coming it’s way. It crossed almost all existing collection records in every language it released and it shows no sign of slowing down for at least another week. Even on weekdays the film has been managing good rate of occupancies even in remote areas and trade pundits are glad that all their theories to support some big films that don’t have legs after initials have been thrown out of the box with the movie showing that it is possible for a movie with great content and imagination can still bring crowds to theatres on any day that too during summer season.

Coming to the three films, Radha is an attempt by young debutant Chandra Mohan to present Sharwanand in a complete box office cop avatar. The trailers look promising but the film needs to be extremely entertaining and fresh to contain the onslaught of Baahubali. The other movie, Venkatahpuram is the only hope for Rahul, famously known as ‘Tyson’, his character in Happy Days, to stage a comeback as an actor. The different style of story and screenplay promise a good thriller. The third movie is Rakshaka Bhatudu, a small budget film but a movie that has lot of promise going by the initial buzz and trailers. Well, for these movies to survive and contain, they need to perform out of their skins otherwise like previous week’s release, Babu Baaga Busy they will also go out of theatres without any trace. Let’s see what would be the case this Friday!

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