Big plans for Indian2 by Shankar!

Kamal Hasan has announced his political ambitions recently and he is looking to make all his movies count before he embarks on his journey to change the system as he sees it is corrupted. He maintained that his films won’t completely propagate his political agenda but did not deny the chance of them being close to his ideals. Strategically, he has planned all his political movies to release at the same time back to back and the biggest of them all is, Indian 2.

After making a sequel to his Enthiran, 2.0, Shankar decided to go ahead with bringing his most popular viligante justice observer to the screen once again. In Indian, as an old freedom fighter who kills those who are corrupt, Kamal did give one of his best performances and the movie became a big commercial hit during the time. Now, the team wants to repeat the magic with some more dose of emotions added to it.

You may argue, no way a person can recreate the emotional high of a loving father killing his only child, but Shankar has taken the challenge to write a sequel to that story. He is planning the movie with a budget of 200 crores and to release it in more than 20 countries where the problem of corruption is observed. Dil Raju has announced that he will produce the film in all languages but he might get support from Lyca Productions and other Tamil Big producers in a collaboration as they all see this as a great opportunity. Well, for us it will be a pleasure to see Kamal Haasan again as the old “Indian”.