Balakrishna is like my father!

We normally don’t expect a statement like this about a hero in public from co-stars. But Nayantara made such rare comments about the hero she recently acted with. She exclaimed that she respects the hero like her father and looks up for good advice from him from time to time. She completed her third film with Balakrishna, Jai Simha recently.

She said, “We normally look up to few people in our Industry. For me such person is Balakrishna. I think of him as my father and always give him such respect. Whenever I see him, I stand up automatically and he too cares about me like that. He always asks him if I am doing well and respects my choices without much trouble. That’s the reason for me shooting with him is a real fun and I would love to work with him anytime. I will always treat as a family member and will look forward to associate with him in future too.”

Amidst the unnecessary rumours about the relationship of the actors due to some crazy comments, this came a big blow to all. Nobody, would expect such a statement from a heroine about her co-star with whom she shared screen as his love interest. The duo has shared screen in films like Simha, Sri Ramarajyam before Jai Simha. The film music has been released recently and the movie is scheduled for 12th Jan release during Sankranthi festival. K.S. Ravi Kumar directed the film and C. Kalyan produced it.