Baahubali facing resistance in Karnataka!

Bahubali2 releasing on 28th April, is expected to create records in every language it will release in India. Lot of expectations are riding high on the movie in every industry. But the film is facing heavy resistance in Karnataka as few organisations, are protesting the release of the movie in the state. The main reason for the protest as been the cast of the movie.

Actor Satyaraj, Kattappa of Bahubali universe, commented against Karnataka people in the issue of Cauvery waters. It has been a problem between the states from long time and many political solutions have failed the farmers of both states waiting for water. Last year, the problem became huge with Kannada vs Tamil people taking a violent turn. Tamils in Karnataka feared about protection and also Kannada people in Tamil Nadu. The problem still did not find an amicable solution and people they can never too with politics not changing.

Several organisations, showing Satyaraj as the main culprit for his words, are resisting the release of Bahubali2. While the protests are going on, the distributors are trying to talk sense to the protestors as the movie is in noway related to the issue. The distributors are set to lose more than 50 crores if the movie release is halted. The producers can go to court if no amicable solution is reached. The producers and local distributors are confident that the movie will be released and it will create huge records as well.

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