In our lives, we do chance upon people who have many disabilities. If not daily, a few times at least. But we always look at them with sympathy. We try to feel some artificial and superficial goodness by helping them that one second. But do they really require our sympathy or love? Should we make fun of them or treat them as our equals?

Plot : In an orphanage for blind, four friends form a great bond. One of them is Gautham (Raj Tharun). Everyone of them has dreams, one wants to be doctor, one engineer and another one a pilot but Gautham wants to see what life is? What colors are? He just wants to see! After few years, as an adult, he walks down to an eye specialist’s clinic and asks him to remove his eyes. He doesn’t want to see anymore! When quizzed why, Gautam narrates his story of love, betrayal and ghostly presence. He loves and loved by Nethra (Hebah Patel) an eye doctor. They both cheat each other in some or the other way, before becoming thick lovers. Now, comes the twist in the tale, ghost of Kulkarni (Rajendra Prasad) starts haunting Gautam for revenge! Why? Watch the movie to know more …

Performances : Raj Tharun as always looks cool on screen. He gets a makeover and for the first time a character a play out of his comfort zone. Still, the actor outs lots of efforts to play with ease. But he looks like still like Raj Tharun but not as the character. Until he learns how to do so, we may find him making good attempts like this but not progress.

Rajendra Prasad enters the screen and he lightens it up. Alas, the script doesn’t help him and even the camera doesn’t really appreciate his looks and we feel like watching a washed out RP, but his comic timing brings big relief at times. Hebah Patel will always be Kumari on screen. Even she tries to play it like it someone else, her body seems to not help her at all. She adds glam quotient to the proceedings by running in hi-frame rate shots as much as possible.

Sudharshan makes one too many disability jokes, in fact, they are many through out the movie. Such humour doesn’t really last with you and it would be great if writers stop looking at it in future. Shayaji Shinde, Ashish Vidhyarthi are used well in parts. Raja Ravindra as villain seems to have improved his body language and his screen presence in this one is menacing.

Technicalities : This is one movie where we need to concentrate more on technical support than the actual story and screenplay written by Veligonda Srinivas. Even though he has been a writer in Industry for quite a few years and wrote for big movies, he seems to believe in the 10 CDs one script formula and the movie keeps popping out some illogical twists and turns forcing down our throats.

A movie can be senseless mad fun ride but it needs to some kind of seriousness in at least making fun of each other or creating situations that force us to just go ROFL, for maximum time. However good we think our script is, we always need to re-think, re-engineer everything several times before taking it as absolute. The director fails here in convincing us with the main plot twist. It is like let’s go Kokila way, no.. now let’s go to ghost comedy here. Well, let’s change the direction, make it all a big reveal like some Race movies or a big twisty climaxes.

Hope you are understanding what seriously, the writer is aiming at here. No, idea for us too. It’s like movie is asking us, please like me, please watch me at every ten minutes mark and we feel highly dejected with such approach. You’ve a character that could go from being just another guy to someone whose ideas we appreciate, to whom we connect. No, author and director just wants to make some quick bugs here and the script gives away their intentions without the doubt. At times, such approach fails you miserably. This is one such time for Veligonda Srinivas. Cinematography is not just about fixing a frame. It is much more than just shot-making and deciding on de-saturated or saturated colors. It needs to present the story with a tone, it’s the eye of the spectator but here it just remains another set piece. Rajasekhar does know basics but he forgot to apply them completely.

Music by Shekhar Chandra is a big downer. Whenever you see there is some flow in storytelling, a song pops out to dismiss your thoughts and break it completely. Really want to know what script did Shekar get as his score is completely in non-sync with actual story. Editor for this movie, just did his job of arranging the cuts. M.R. Varma even though a proved talent looks like these days is just going through the motion.

Analysis : This movie is one such Telugu movie that sounds interesting as a story but doesn’t make any impact as a cohesive screenplay. We might dwell into the details of what, how and when but everything needs to be a joke. Even the revenge twist becomes a big joke. How come a socially responsible person chooses to let go the killer of young kids? Why does the protagonist thinks ghost is the best cover? You’re not given any satisfactory answers at any stage. It is all about something working somewhere and writer trying to ape that in this idea too. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make for a cohesive cinema here and you can easily not care for movie other than knowing that it released this weekend.

Rating : 2/5

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