Amala, Vijay is getting a divorce : Vijay’s Father

The rumour mills are abuzz about Amala Paula’s divorce with her director-husband, Al Vijay. Now we are just getting more and more bolstering this piece of news! Apparently, the movie world of Chennai can’t stop talking about this relationship that has been on the rocks for a while now. These reports are true and Vijay’ parents have also agreed to it.

Amala wet on to sign a lot of movies back to back, and that lead to her spending lesser time with her husband. And that lead to differences between the two of them.

Amala Paul was on a career high when she married Vijay with whom she had worked in two films. An English daily got the report from Alagappan that Vijay is unhappy with the marriage as the actress had earlier said that she would stop acting. Vijay’s father said that the news of divorce is very much true, however the couple hasn’t signed the papers yet.