Allu Arjun bats for traffic awareness among the youth!

Allu Arjun, the popular star hero of Telugu Cinema is one person who is known to learn from his life and then implement them without any hesitation. The actor once got caught in drink and drive case and then on, he started making an effort to change himself. He has developed healthy habit of following traffic rules and called for the same with his ‘i am the Change” short film and campaign among the city youth. Today, he participated in the traffic awareness event conducted by Hyderabad Traffic police and talked about how he developed the awareness and what he wants the youth to learn.

The actor said, “ I always try to learn from past and today, I want to share some of those important incidents that made me realise how important it is to maintain traffic rules. My friends always scold me for me too particular about following the rules and even though my friend stays near by to my house, to go to his house, I always have to take a long U-turn and come back. That irritates them but I feel that is necessary. I heard foreigners judge any country by how the people are in their sanitation and traffic sense. So, I think even though it is too old school, it is better to follow the rules and not rebel for the sake of it when we are road.”

He further said, “ When I was too young 19 or 20, I took out my father’s car and all of sudden there is heavy downpour. I was speeding as I wanted to reach home as quickly as possible. I saw vaguely that there is another car in front of me and I had to hit the breaks as hard as possible. Due to speed and rain, the car skid on and it touched the other person’s car. He was angry at me and somehow I managed to cool him down. But when I saw a pregnant woman getting down from the back seat and tears rolling from her eyes, I understood the gravity of the mistake that was averted that night. I understood that there is no thrill in taking someone lives into our hands.

“Yes, when we are on road, not just our lives but other’s lives are also in our hands and the other person could be anyone he and his family will suffer due to my driving and one small mischief. So, rather than trying to be a hero by speeding whatever the circumstances might be, I should be responsible and make sure that I get up early and start early rather than damaging someone else’s life. There is no thrill in drink and drive too. So remember my words and please be aware that roads are not just for us but they are for everyone and be responsible.” Those are some great words, Bunny!

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