Actress Amy Jackson hates makeup..!

For any actress, in fact, for any lady, make-up becomes an integral part of their daily life. Some women prefer to put on a make-up whenever they have to go to the office and few, prefer to over-do. Many prefer to keep it natural and simple on a daily basis. But whenever they have to attend a party or a function, they immediately start using make-up to look stunning and different from others.

For actresses, this is a daily job. They have to maintain a look, wear makeup and try to act in all the heavy cosmetic filled layers. While many think it is necessary to be in makeup all the time, these days, major actresses started hating the process. They prefer to not put on a makeup even in films. Amy Jackson, the British model turned actress is one of them. She has developed an aversion to makeup as per the popular news reports.

The reports suggested that the actress doesn’t like constant make up and that it has become a bit annoying for her. Also, huge use of cosmetics has been causing skin problems too. So, she decided to use more natural products and also, hopes that she gets roles that don’t need her to wear heavy make-up on screen. Maybe working with Shankar Shanmugam, the huge visionary director back to back in I and 2.0, might have made her think so.