Zeenat Aman recalls Shalimar shoot with Dharmendra

  • August 10, 2023 / 12:36 AM IST

On Tuesday, seasoned actress Zeenat Aman posted old photos with co-star Dharmendra.

On Tuesday, seasoned actress Zeenat Aman revealed vintage photos of herself and co-star Dharmendra. She gushed about how comfortable she felt working with him because he was “strikingly handsome” and had “no pretences or airs.”

One of the greatest actresses of the 1970s and 1980s, Zeenat, 71, released photos from two films with Dharmendra, 87, including “Jagir” (1984) and “Katilon ke Katil” (1981).

Zeenat Aman reflected on their time spent filming the 1978 movie “Shalimar,” which she reminisced about in one of her many retro Instagram postings. Dharmendra needed help with his English dialogues because the movie was shot in both English and Hindi, whereas she needed help with her Hindi phrases. Both performers would rehearse their lines while studying with their language instructors.

In the image from “Katilon ke Katil,” Zeenat Aman is dressed in jeans, a checkered shirt paired with a leather jacket, a cowboy hat, and a moustache, while Dharmendra is wooing her while donning a full-length lace dress, earstuds, and a floppy ladies’ hat.

In the caption, the actress also included a lengthy statement, saying: “Some personal opinions, two vintage photos, and an anecdote… The discovery of these photos yesterday served as a catalyst. Dharm ji was my favourite actor out of all the co-stars I had the honour of working with. Yes, he was quite attractive, but even more so, he was a true gentleman. He didn’t put on any airs or pretences, which made feel comfortable

Dharm ji and I starred in a number of films together, including the international heist ‘Shalimar’. If you recall, I previously shared that this film was simultaneously shot in English and Hindi to cater to both audiences. Well, Dharm ji required assistance with his English dialogues and I required help with my Hindi. And so, post the daily shoot you would find each of us with our respective tutors, studiously running our lines for hours! These pictures aren’t from Shalimar though,” Zeenat Aman added.

The seasoned actress revealed in her remark that the song “Sare Bazaar Karenge Pyar” from “Katilon Ke Kaatil” is the inspiration for the first image in her post.

“It’s an excellent number, with a full-fledged gender role reversal,” Zeenat Aman continued. Because I believe that everyone has the right to wear whichever they wish without fear of harm or violence, I posted this picture first.

The actress claimed that although the song’s visual representation may have been intended to be humorous, its message is still very apparent.

The second image is from the motion picture Jagir. And I picked it since our appearance in this number was hot. I was wearing a glistening silver jumpsuit, and Dharm ji had a black leather counterpart! The song’s title, Naya Naya Hota Hain Purana Purana, makes for a catchy title for a piece on my Instagram debut. Everyone, have a good day. added Zeenat Aman

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