Young director bags best director award for unexpected film

Most of the time, filmmakers bag awards for films that are mostly expected to receive awards. Audiences are highly appreciative when filmmakers receive these awards as well, as their hard work is duly recognised.

However, there are also those times when filmmakers receive awards for the most unexpected films, and audiences get either confused or are outraged by it. This happened early last year when Bollywood’s Filmfare awards were given for the most unexpected films, and to the most unexpected people. The Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival awards have now been announced, and a very unexpected film received an award.

Young director Sujeeth received the award for the best director for his film Saaho, with Young Rebel Star Prabhas, which was released immediately after the Baahubali franchise. The film was a financial success and was well received in the North, but the same cannot be said about Telugu audiences, who expected a lot more from the film. The film was made with the highest production values, and looked incredible on the big screen, but failed to connect with the audience. All in all, despite what the result of the film was, Sujeeth should be lauded for his efforts and does indeed deserve his award.

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