Young Actress Says Balayya Was Wrong

Balakrishna had come under fire recently when he had made several anti-women remarks at the audio launch of Savitri.

He had said that the Tollywood heroes these days are too meek and they should try being somewhat more ‘manly’ by teasing the actresses more or maybe get them pregnant. However, Balakrishna had to face so much flak that he had to apologise for it. The superstar had clarified his stand saying that he did not intend to hurt any women and that he respects them.

However, now it looks like people are not in a mood to forgive and forget Balakrishna’s action anytime soon!

Now the young actress of Savitri, Nanditha Raj, said in a recent interview that what Balayya spoke on the stage was not at all apt. “It is not nice for girls to hear such things,” said the actress, adding “He might have said it in a flow, but it made a lot of people on stage uncomfortable,”.