Have you ever thought of siting in a theatre ang watching a TV series worth of 9 episodes bring dragged to 15 episodes and then edited to make a 2 hrs 35 mins movie? Well, watch a movie called, Yaman this weekend and you will get a complete answer in 50 marks worth answer.

Plot : Devarakonda Gandhi (Vijay Anthony) hailing from Devarakonda village wants to become MLA of his constituency. But his brother-in-law is against him as he belongs to different caste. Taking this as an advantage Panduranga kills Gandhi and as a chain reaction his wife commits suicide with her 10 days old son but he survives. Devarakonda Ashok (Vijay Anthony) doesn’t have any political ambition like his father but trying to arrange money for his grand father’s operation propels him to get into a political warfare meeting one kingpin after another until he meets Karunakar (Thiyagaragan). He meets Panduranga as well in the process and a serious game of Poli-tricks unfold. Ashok falls in love with actress Anjana (Miya George). So how will he survive in the cruel world and what will he do to avenge forms the rest of the movie?!

Performances : Vijay Anthony like always tried to walk through a role with his limited acting prowess but he needs to be credited for developing a confidence and screen presence. Well but his limited skill in emoting does harm him very much through out the film. May be he can do more than just flinching his eye brows and looking seriously into the camera next time. Thiyagaragan proves himself again as a senior actor and makes it count when it is required. The actors who played supporting characters have also done a good job with the material they were given. Miya George looked gorgeous on screen but she had nothing to do as far as performance is concerned.

Technicalities : The movie follows a pattern in editing trying to be a cult and realistic drama. But the movie with its pacing tests patience as it becomes predictable after a point of time. The editor Veera Shankar Raj failed in keeping it at right pace and the sluggish pace harms the movie by diluting the impact so much. Music and Back Ground score by Vijay Anthony provide necessary depth to the proceedings but the movie falls flat on its face with song placements. Adding to the predictable screenplay, the extra screen time for songs just test your patience endlessly. The idea behind writing such a movie by Jeeva Shankar is good but his routine ideology about politicians and politics trying to place it in a grey area makes it too boring to watch. The entire script could have been dealt with much more creativity and new ideas than the same old format of revenge and deceit.However real it might sound it is completely unnecessary and truly boring to see unidimensional characters on screen in different perceptions.

However real it might sound it is completely unnecessary and truly boring to see unidimensional characters on screen in different perceptions. Madras which was released few years ago, did try to be a political drama and it had an impact in its proceedings. But this movie makes no effort in trying to make it more original and unique. It is just like any other political movie that has grey characters as heroes and villains. Cinematography by the director himself is something good about this movie.

Analysis : The movie makes no attempt at being relevant or exciting. It just has its own pace and convoluted half explored characters, it becomes to boring. The pacing and exciting plot would have helped the movie to become better in its execution but with idea being too old it doesn’t win any brownie points. You may give it a try if you have no work to do and enough money to spend on a serial on big screen in scorching heat.

Rating : 1.5/5