Will Tollywood be changed forever due to Coronavirus?

Prior to coronavirus invading the life of every single person on the planet, things were a lot easier, understandably. The most affected industry due to the pandemic is the film industry, all over the world. The situation is comparatively worse for Tollywood, as thousands of daily wage workers are suffering due to the shutting down of the industry during the pandemic.

Even when film shootings resumed after the first wave, things were a lot different, with the number of crew members brought down drastically, to make sure that the risk factor is as less as possible. Huge crew members were part of films before coronavirus, and the pandemic totally changed that. Even big films like RRR, which requires a large number of crew members, had to cut down their crew members in order to follow coronavirus protocols.

With the second wave turning out to be far worse than the first wave, things might get a lot more complicated for Tollywood. Sources believe that the crew size might be brought down further, and more advanced methods of filmmaking may be followed here on, which will change the industry forever. Tollywood has never before seen a crisis as huge as this. It is now to be seen if Tollywood will be changed forever as a result of the pandemic, or if it will go back to the way it was.

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