Will second half of 2021 see big releases?

The pandemic has hit every industry and standard of living of every family. Even for ultra rich class, the pandemic has shown a way to stay grounded and humble. For the poor and middle class, problems have doubled. Especially for Industry workers pandemic has been a nightmare that never leaves them alone.

Since March 2020, many films have been sticking to either OTT release or waiting patiently for the pandemic to come under control. As the first wave came under control, makers took time to access the playing field rather than rushing to release their films.

Hence, we did not see films release till March. But then the second wave came back stronger in April and again, releases have to be postponed. This time makers know that vaccination is available and people are ready to come to theatres. So, whenever the cases subside and governments lift off restrictions, they can go forward with releases.

Looks like from September, many experts expect the vaccination program in India to catch up perfect momentum and 18-45 years olds can also surely get vaccinated. So, we might see rush of big films releasing during the second half of 2021 with one film releasing every week.

Buzz in the tinsel town states that producers have been constantly monitoring the expert predictions and they will announce dates once the vaccination program successfully starts to drive in more people. We can expect Acharya, Akhanda, Thank You, Love Story, Tuck Jagadish, RadheShyam, Sarkaru Vaari Paata, PK-Rana film to definitely release this year in the second half. RRR, Salaar might go for early next year dates.

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