Will Pawan Kalyan’s stardom rescue Vakeel Saab buyers?

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab has hit the screens worldwide today. As per the initial reports, Pawan fans are enjoying his presence felt after three years and throwing to theatres in large numbers.

Trade experts opinion that the film will collect good revenues in all areas on its first day. But there is another version which says that though the film has been carrying good reports, the collections are not up to the mark in B and C centres.

As per our reliable sources, the film opened to below-average revenues in most of the centres in the Ceded region. Adding to it, the Andhra Pradesh government not giving permission for extra shows and ticket hikes is also going to cost heavily for the exhibitors.

News is also that many exhibitors from East and West Godavari districts which are usually termed as mega strong base areas are going to lose big amounts due to the decision taken by the AP government.

As of now, all hopes are on the film’s long run and distributors are praying for some miracle to happen to get back their invested amount.

Will Pawan Kalyan’s stardom rescue Vakeel Saab buyers? Remains to be seen.

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