Will NTR finally get what he deserves?

There hasn’t been a successful actor as NTR in Tollywood since him. He blended perfectly into whatever role he was given and managed to impress the audiences with anything he did. He also is one of the most successful actors turned politicians in the history of politics.

NTR served as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh over three terms and achieved many great tasks. He projected the Telugu people and their culture to a global level, differentiating them from Tamilians and their culture, which was common in those days. Since his passing, the Telugu community, and especially members of the TDP have been requesting the various Central governments to award NTR with a Bharat Ratna, in recognition of his efforts for his motherland, but that never came to be.

This year, Megastar Chiranjeevi too joined in on this request, posting on Twitter that it is high time for the Centre to award NTR with Bharat Ratna. He said that awarding NTR with Bharat Ratna would be a proud moment for every Telugu person, and with NTR’s 100th birth anniversary just around the corner, the Centre should take a quick decision. Here’s hoping that the Central Government will finally award NTR with what he deserves.

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