Will Monal Gajjar be eliminated this time?

Monal Gajjar who has appeared as the heroine in a couple of films in Tollywood has been one of the contestants in the highest-rated TRP reality show Bigg Boss Season 4. While the actress has attracted the audiences with her good looks and cute acting, it is only short-lived.

The actresses’ habit of constant crying, her double relation with Abhijeet, and Akhil, not actively participating in the tasks haven’t gone well with the audiences. For the past couple of weeks, Monal is going through a rough phase in the house. She is mentally weak too.

In the last week, everyone has thought that Monal will leave the house but surprisingly, Kumar Sai has been evicted. Now, Monal is again in the nominations. Will Bigg Boss management eliminate her this time and are they going to save her again citing TRPs. Well, we have to wait and witness that.

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