Will Mahesh’s Bollywood comments have severe repercussions?

Recently, while promoting his film Sarkaru Vaari Paata, Mahesh was once again asked about his Bollywood plans, now more so because of his film with Rajamouli, which would be a pan-Indian film. As usual, Mahesh said that he doesn’t plan on going to Bollywood and that he’s very much happy with doing just Telugu movies. Furthermore, he added that Bollywood couldn’t afford him.

The last comment especially didn’t sit well with Bollywood filmmakers, with producer and director Mahesh Bhatt responding seriously to the comment. While other filmmakers weren’t as harsh with their reactions, it is clear that Mahesh has upset Bollywood with his comment. This is now said to have turned out to be a major concern for other Tollywood actors and producers, who have pan-Indian films coming out in the next few months.

They are said to be worried if Mahesh’s comments will end up sounding worse, and if there might be serious repercussions. The general consensus in Tollywood itself is that Mahesh should have been more mindful of his statements, given that he himself as a pan-Indian movie lined up.

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