Will Kumar Sai eviction brings negativity to Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Season 4 is going on very smoothly with only hard working contestants are in the house and who are double bluffing or doing nothing are being evicted. However, this week it is going to be a lot of variety. A total of 9 contestants are in the nominations for eviction this week. Out of the 9, Lasya, Noel, and Harika got into the safe zone.

The remaining six contestants are Abhijeet, Akhil, Monal, Divi, Kumar Sai, Ariyana. Out of the six contestants, from the week start, Monal Gajjar has been getting the least number of votes. Her character where she is said to be double bluffing hasn’t gone well with the audiences.

However, Bigg Boss has decided to save her and thus send Kumar Sai who is slowly picking up the pace. Bigg Boss management has felt that it will not be nice to send another female contestant to the house and she also brings in the glamor show. This strategy might backfire as audiences can lose interest in the voting system.