Will Krish’s strategy work for Vaishnav Tej’s film?

Young mega hero Vaishnav Tej has scored a mega-blockbuster with his debut film Uppena. The movie has become a sensational hit and is the highest grosser of the year so far. Vaishnav Tej after the success of Uppena has become the most sought-after actor. He has recently launched his third project in the direction of Gireesayya. The movie will have Ketika Sharma in the female lead role. Gireesayya has debuted as a director with the movie Aditya Varma, the remake of Arjun Reddy.

Vaishnav Tej has done Krish’s project as his second and it is a rural drama. The movie has been completed even before the release of Uppena. Generally, everyone expects that Krish will cash in on the craze of Uppena and release his movie very soon.

But surprisingly, Krish is taking his time and there is no scope of the movie to be released any time soon. Krish wants to settle all the buzz of Uppena to die down as his movie is another off-beat attempt.

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