Will filmmakers be more careful of ticket prices here on?

There was once a time when films managed to collect a decent amount at the box office, even if they received mixed to negative responses. This was because ticket prices were nominal and affordable. However, in recent times, this hasn’t been the case, with inflated ticket prices driving away audiences. In the case of films like RRR, which are made on a huge scale, and are visually stunning, the inflated prices are acceptable to a certain extent, but that doesn’t mean that it is the same case with other films are well.

As a result, many films have turned out to be box office duds in recent times, including Sharwanand’s Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu, which bombed at the box office, despite receiving passable reviews. Now, it’s the time of Acharya, which opened to low numbers as it is, and is slowly sinking at the box office due to its negative reviews.

The film has not been received well, and the increased ticket prices would not be providing any respite for audiences. It is now to be hoped that this would be a lesson to all filmmakers here on, to not increase the prices for every other film, and to keep the prices nominal, so that they recover their budget.

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