Will Brahmanandam join TV serials?

Senior and Star Comedian Brahmanandam had the longest run after Allu Ramalingaiah as a comedian in Telugu Films. He grew to the level of Relangi, Raja babu and Padmanabham in popularity and in longevity, he is second to Allu. His meteoric rise to the top league was orchestrated by writer-director Jandhyala, his guru, as the Hasya Brahma designed different roles for the actor, when he just started out.

He grew so huge that people started giving him roles besides stars and then he became such a must that without him, films were not even attempted by some makers. He recently had a surgery to heart and now, recovered from it. He stopped acting in films while he was in recovery. As the Covid pandemic is restricting film production, we may see him in a TV series specially designed for him, it seems. The shoot could start in August, if the spike in cases comes under control.

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