Will AP government stand by its word for Radhe Shyam?

The Andhra Pradesh government, when it released its GO last week, stated that it would grant special permissions for only Radhe Shyam and RRR, in case of tickets and extra shows as well. It even mentioned that these would be the only two films to get special treatment due to their massive scale and that no future films would get similar treatment if they do not shoot at least 20% in AP.

While the AP government did agree to give special permissions, with less than 12 hours left before the film’s release, no official announcement has been made by that government in this regard. The Telangana government has already released an announcement giving permission for 5 shows a day for Radhe Shyam, which has turned all the eyes towards the AP government.

With the AP government not having made any official announcement regarding increased prices and extra shows, many of the theatres haven’t even opened their bookings yet. It is now to be seen if the AP government will finally give these special permissions to Radhe Shyam or not.

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