Will a pay per view plan work for Tollywood?

Tens of films from Tollywood are ready to release once situations get better. However, it is not easy for all of these films to find a suitable release date. While star led films can afford to wait it out until theatres reopen, the same is not the case for smaller films, due to the financial burden that producers will have to bear, if they do not release the film.

While the producers of small films are eager to release their films on OTT platforms, they are not happy with the deals that OTT platforms are offering, which would not be profitable enough. As a result, many filmmakers are said to be thinking of going ahead with releasing their films on a pay per view basis, which would turn out to be moderately profitable, which will help them avoid any financial stress.

Several other filmmakers are still ready to wait out the pandemic and the lockdown and release their films in theatres, no matter how long it takes. A pay per view plan may indeed work out for producers who are having to bear the brunt of heavy financial stress during this pandemic, but good marketing is equally important for audiences to show any interest in watching a film, that too on a pay per view basis.

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