Why Major’s Bollywood performance matters a lot!

For the past few weeks, there have been numerous discussions and debates regarding the superiority of movies belonging to different languages, especially between Bollywood and the South Indian film industries. While many maintained a neutral stance, some have strongly supported the South Indian content, saying that South’s content speaks to the entire nation.

At such a time, a Telugu film is about to get a pan-Indian release tomorrow. Adivi Sesh’s Major is all set to be released in all the major Indian languages, which includes Hindi. The film is getting great reviews from everywhere, thanks to its premiere shows. The pre-release business of the film in the Telugu states is also resoundingly fantastic, and the other South Indian states are also said to be showing the same promise for the film.

With the ongoing debates and controversies, and a recent hit for Bollywood after a long time, in the form of Bhool Bhulaiya 2, all eyes have now shifted towards Major’s performance in the North belt. It is now to be seen if the film will put a full stop to all these debates or further intensify it.

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